Hey! Hello! – Hey! Hello! (Self Titled)

September 17, 2013 in Album Reviews by Dan "Grizz" Weiss

Band: Hey! Hello!
Album: Hey! Hello! (Self Titled)
Release Date: July 22nd 2013
Genre: Rock/Pop
Label: The End Records (USA), Rounds Records (UK), Vinyl Junkie Records (Japan)




Hey! Hello! is a Pop Rock band consisting of two members, Victoria Liedtke (Vocals) is from New York, and Ginger Wildheart (Vocals, Instruments) from the UK. Ginger wrote and recorded all the instrumental parts of this album, as well as contributing with backing vocals. This is the bands first full length album.

This album was actually recorded in two parts. First Ginger Wildheart put all of the instrumentals and his vocals on the album in the UK. Then the recordings were sent to New York for Victoria Liedtke to put her vocals on. Right as I began to play the album I was shocked to hear what was coming out of my speakers. Victoria has one of the most amazing singing voices that I have ever heard. Gingers vocals compliment hers very well. This album has a lot of variety on it, mood, themes and instrumentals. For the most part I would say this album is great. There are a two tracks on it that were not really that impressive. Hey! Hello! is definitely a blast to listen to.

The instrumentals are not anything impressive, there isn’t soloing, there isn’t sweep picking, there isn’t anything all that special with the instrumentals. With that said, the simple instrumentals are still really catchy. Personally I do believe it would be hard to be angry while listening to this album. The lyrics are pretty awesome, and even humorous at times.

“Black Valentine” was the first track on this album and one of my favorites. It starts off with a little catchy guitar riff and the drum comes thumping in. The vocals in this song are actually pretty hilarious, however for the sake of sensitive people I will choose not to share. I have had this song stuck in my head on and off for the last month.

“For The Trill Of It All” was another track that I thoroughly enjoyed. It starts off with an awesome guitar track that sounds a bit like older surf rock. The vocals on this track are pretty laid back. The lyrics are well sung by both members of this duo. It is a fun song to sing along with.

This album is really solid. There is a ton of catchy songs, such as “Black Valentine”, “For The Thrill Of It All”, “Lock for Rock” and the hit single “Swimwear”. This album has been hitting pretty high on several charts so I was pretty excited to hear it, and was not left disappointed. This is a great Pop Rock album, if you are into the genre you will really enjoy this one.


Written by: Dan “Grizz” Weiss